Thursday, February 27, 2014


Feb 26, 27, 28
We drove from Parker to the northwest side of Phoenix and are staying at Desert's Edge RV Resort for 3 nights.
We set up in a nice spot with an orange tree, a 10 ft cactus and an oleander hedge.  There are a few oranges on the tree and it is in blossom and the fragrance is beautiful.   I didn't realize that orange trees would have blossoms at the same time as fruit is on the tree.

Once we were set up we drove about 30 minutes east to Scottsdale where Daryl's sister Pam (from Kelowna) was visiting a friend.   We stayed for dinner and had a really nice time with Pam, Sue, Betty, Anna and Bruce.

The next day we got laundry done, looked for a place to get the truck washed and then headed about 30 minutes south to Sun City where Ken and Liza are renting a house.  Daegan and Keeva were so excited to see their favorite neighbors and we had a great dinner and good time talking.   We left there with 2 big bags of oranges from the trees in their backyard and this morning, as I type this, I'm enjoying fresh orange juice.

The plan today is to go shopping with Liza and then Daryl, Liza and I will go and watch Ken play baseball.  He joined a league when they came here in January.

A nice couple from Drumheller are in a site near us and came over for a dog fix as they left their 2 big dogs with her Mom and she misses them a lot.

Weather continues to be beautiful, sunny and warm and then down to about 10 at night.  we put the furnace on for 30 minutes when we get up and that's all it takes.  Apparently it will rain here on Saturday, but it hasn't rained since before Christmas.

Tomorrow we are going to visit friends in Mesa and ten heading to Lost Dutchman State Park
east of Mesa and then probably go south from there, so won't have internet again for awhile.   Seems that the internet connection we get in RV parks restricts being able to add photos for some reason?   I need a techie on site!

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