Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 15th - Day 7 and into warm weather!

Madera to Indio:   We passed acres and acres of walnut, pecan, pistachios, almonds and grape vines.  Apparently Selma, California is the raisin growing capital of the world.   I now will have second thoughts about eating Sunmaid raisins that are grown next to a 6 lane highway with all the traffic and emissions coating the grapes.  Lots of smog as we neared Bakersfield.   President Obama was in Fresno yesterday to see the effects of the drought.  Lots of signs about the political aspects of water and lost jobs.  "Food grows where water flows".  We are now heading east through acres of orange groves.   We stopped at a stand and bought 6 different types of oranges.  In looking at the map, we really are at the outermost suburbs of LA it seems.   Tons of traffic leading to Palm Springs and on the opposite side of the freeway, an accident has caused a tremendous traffic jam for miles.   at 5 PM, we got the last spot in a RV park and are finding out that a nice climate = more dollars for an RV site.

Happy 88th BD Mom!!!

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