Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the road again!

I retired last August and this winter is the first time that Daryl and I were free to load up the 5th wheel and the dogs and take to the road with no particular timetable. We decided (well, I decided) not to leave until February because I wanted to be at my granddaughter's first birthday February 8th. We left Campbell River and parked outside Melissa and Jeff's place for 2 nights and really enjoyed the birthday party. I can hardly believe Isla is already one! She took all the people and attention in stride and had a good time!

Being pretty delicate, I was really apprehensive about freezing to death in the RV with the below zero weather in Vancouver, but we were able to plug in and run a heater, had our really warm sleeping bags as well as having Daegan on the bed to keep us warm and hot showers & Lattes at Melissa and Jeff's place.

Feb. 10th we left for the States and immediately hit a road block at the border -- oops, wrong lineup. We were in the bus lineup but the US Customs officials were pretty accommodating and after a brief inspection, set us loose. We travelled as far as Kelso, Washington the first night and got a hotel room due to the continuing cold weather. The next day we continued on I-5 and stopped at the 7 Feathers Casino Resort north of Grant's Pass. Very nice resort for a great price, $40. Power, water, cable, pool, hot tub, beautiful heated shower rooms, dog run and of course, the Casino. Not sure we'll sample the Casino as I think the dogs will bark their brains out if we aren't with them.  In fact, I think we will stay for 2 nights.  We both commented on how weird it feels to be able to just play it by ear and not feel like we have to get moving.

 I am really impressed with the State rest stops. Due to the time of year, it seems to be mostly truckers who stop, so we find areas that we can let the dogs off leash and they get to have a good break from the drive. They are really good travellers. I wonder if every stop has very different smells for them? We stop every 2-3 hours and today, by mid-day,  the temperature hit double digits!  I will put away my winter coat and get out my spring coat! It's still very grey though, no sunshine yet, but the daffodils are showing colour so we must be headed in the right direction!

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