Sunday, February 16, 2014

We took a rest day and stayed at the 7 Feathers RV site another day.  We slept in, had lattes and hot showers.  Did laundry and took a few photos, but still raining.  Apparently, there are flood warnings a bit north of here.  We drove into Canyonville to get a few groceries and, at the hardware store, saw some great  looking rubber boots by BOG.  Daryl ended up buying a pair, but they didn't have the cute ones with dogflowers on them in my size.  Then we went to the casino for lunch, got our "players card" which gave us 10% off the RV site, 3 cents off gas and $5 to gamble.  I got $10 since it was my birthday month!  We came out ahead by $16, a mug and deck a cards after about 30 minutes.  Gambling is so not our thing.  Back to the RV and then to the pool for a swim, they keep it warm enough for me to get in easily and enjoyed hot tub and then back to the RV.  The downer today is that our Mac Air appears to have crashed for some reason.

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