Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still raining!

We left Canyonville this morning for a short drive to Grants Pass where Daryl planned to buy new tires for the truck.  We took the dogs for a walk to an off leash dog park and we had lattes and enormous cinnamon buns at a nearby bakery whole the tires were put on.  Picked up the truck again and headed south and very soon the drizzle turned to pouring rain again.  The weather report for the coast was pretty dismal so we changed plans and are heading for Palm Springs.  We talked to Ken and Liza in Phoenix and it's hot there,  and there is an Apple store.  The Mac Air has crashed, so there won't  be photos in the blog till it's up and running again.

At the first rest stop in California, the fragrance in the air was so amazing, like being at a spa with the wonderful herbal (eucalyptus?) woodsy smell.  Too bad it was raining, as it was a very beautiful rest stop along the Klamath River.

As we drove south we passed the Shasta reservoir and it looked quite strange as there was so much of the shoreline showing.   We read that about 90% of California is experiencing drought conditions and the Shasta Reservoir is only about 30% full.

We are at an RV park in Redding tonight and once again have internet and cable, so we are watching the Olympics!  A mild evening as we walked the dogs before bedtime and heard the frogs croaking in a little creek.

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