Monday, March 3, 2014

Lost Dutchman State Park

Feb 28- March 1-2 Lost Dutchman State Park - really great site and view. 2nd night was a rough night - Keeva was whining most of the night to go out as she had diarrhoea while a storm came through and the wind shook the RV and whistled around the vents and slide-outs. We were up from 2-4 AM and then Daryl dozed beside Keeva. After breakfast we decided to head for an outlet mall since it was raining. Bought a few things and then came home, had dinner, and the rain started again and absolutely poured as we were heading to bed. The Phoenix area has been without rain for 70 days; of course it breaks while we are here! However, we are warm and dry, have water and electricity and even some TV through antenna. I didn't even know you could still get TV that way! We're going to watch the Oscars tonight with a nice bottle of wine from Trader Joe's - $8.

We left the park and headed south with a stop at Gold Canyon to see if we could find Bob & Karen Martin who are from CR.  We did find them, visited for a while and then headed south to stop at Desert Garden's RV Park for the night.  Beautiful sunset tonight.

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