Monday, March 24, 2014

Mile High in Prescott, AZ

March 19-20
Yuma:  Sun Ridge RV Park - $25/night with water, pool, laundry, electricity and cable.
We are in RV suburbia.   Surrounded by acres of RVs.  Very little greenery and baking hot till the sun goes down.  On each row, people gather for happy hour at 3 and then go home for dinner.   Everyone is very friendly but I guess you'd have to be to live in such close quarters.   I can't understand why those who can afford a $200K motorhome would pick such a sterile spot to spend 3-6 months.  Lots of people here wanted to know what kind of dogs we had and when Daryl went to pay for the second night, the lady at the office said that she'd heard about our beautiful dogs.   We are in Yuma to get the broken generator dealt with and after getting it to a Honda mechanic who said it was unfixable, and then several phone calls to the place Daryl had bought it from, a new generator is being shipped to Blaine and Daryl shipped the defective one back.   Very stressful for Daryl who dealt with it on his 65th BD.   Quite a drag too, as we only got to use it for 2 hours on the entire trip.  Can't say anything about Yuma appealed to me.  Also had one of the RV batteries boil dry, so it needs to be replaced.   

March 21-22-23
Parker Strip- Empire Landing - $15/night, no services, nice washroom/shower
Another hot day and nice to be back at Empire Landing where the dogs can get in the Colorado River, cool off and have fun.  Tonight, as we took the dogs for their final pee walk of the night, Daryl found out his scorpion light works.   He spotted a 3" scorpion just under a bit of bush where Daegan was heading.   It reallly goes glow brightly with the Scorpion light!  There aren't many campers here which is surprising because it's spring break.  We had originally gone to Buckskin State Park on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, but it was full as was the next State Park nearby, so decided to return to Empire Landing.   This is better for us as the dogs can get in the water and we had the little beach all to ourselves.   It's hot in the daytime, around 30C and the sun is intense.   It stays warm longer after the sun goes down too.  Was still 22C at 10.   Down to about 10C though early morning.   We are able to get internet closer down by the river and Daryl checked weather on the coast and it doesn't look that good so we are going back to plan A:  the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas instead of Plan B:  the California Coast.  Heard the coyotes several times during the night and last night it was the wild burros making the burro sound!

March 24th -- We are on our way to Sedona and drove through Prescott National Forest where we left cactus behind and saw real trees after gaining 6100 ft elevation

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