Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ajo, AZ

March 18th
Ajo Country Club & Golf Course
Daryl golfed 9 holes yesterday morning.  We got started early in the morning so that it was cool because I was walking along with Daryl and with the dogs.  They are allowed on the course as long as they stay off the greens.  Too bad we didn't have a harness so that Daegan could pull the cart!
The first day we were here and having lunch in the golf course lounge, Daryl was invited to play along with the Monday night Men's group.   He decided to do that, so golfed another 9 holes yesterday afternoon and then had beer with the guys afterwards.  They were a very friendly group and he had a great time.  This morning one of the men arrived at our RV with a dozens of grapefruits, oranges, tangelos and lemons from his trees.

We drove into town today and had a look around the town square which has a beautiful church and then toured the local museum that has a very good collection of antiques and local history.   The town was an open pit copper mining town for a very long time but it's no longer operational.   The town has gone from 20,000 people at its height to a town that doesn't even have a Walmart or MacDonalds. As we were sitting outside the RV this afternoon, I had a beautiful small red bird with brownish wings fly right towards me and almost seemed like it was interested in the cup I was holding that was blue, red, yellow striped.  I think it was a Vermillion Flycatcher according to my Peterson Bird Guide.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Daryl! Hope you're having a wonderful day! More golf?


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