Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I went on an adventure this weekend! My daughter invited my husband and I along on a trip north with her friends. Two of her friends also invited their parents so we weren't the only "older" ones there. We drove 2 hours on pavement, then 2 hours on gravel, then 1/2 hour down a narrow track, then loaded up canoes and paddled 1.5 hours downstream. It got dark towards the end and we paddled by moonlight and saw phosphorescence sparking with each stroke! We arrived at our destination in the dark, pitched our tents and in the morning woke up to the most beautiful, almost deserted beach. Anyone who doubts the abilities of the younger generation should meet this group. They surfed, fished, set up an outdoor sauna, cooked, talked and gave me confidence that all is right with the world. It was a wonderful weekend!

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